Another meeting-conversation held by ESC with secondary school students from the National Financial Economics Vocational School in Sofia. More than 60 students attended and exchanged views with the ESC President Prof. Dr. Lalko Dulevski, Yanka Takeva, ESC member, is Chairperson of the Bulgarian Union of Teachers and the Principal of the secondary school - Maya Gesheva.

In their addresses Yanka Takeva and Prof. Dulevski directed the attention to the importance of career guidance for the young person and the role of the school as a starting point in this process.

The working groups, which formulated the proposals and positions of the students about their future professional realization and the sources of vocational orientation, produced diverging opinions. A point of unanimity, however, was that secondary school graduates intend to continue their studies in higher education institutions. Most of them are planning to study in Bulgaria. Many of those who intend to continue their studies abroad said they would like to return to work and live in their homeland.

Students rated secondary education at the National Financial Economics Vocational School as a good basis for further development, but noted that more practical work was needed in a real work environment, as well as more rigorous control and longer traineeship. As for the sources of information for professional realization, the opinions of the various working groups of students were broadly ranging from family and parent issues to meetings with employers, media and friends.

The Principal of National Financial Economics Vocational School - Maya Gesheva thanked for the useful initiative of ESC and stressed the importance of having open talks with young people about important aspects of their life at school and beyond.



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