На съвместно заседание две комисии на Икономическия и социален съвет разгледаха проект за анализ на дейността на висшите училища и за реализацията на завършилите висше образование. Председателят на водещата Комисия по социалната политика в ИСС Веселин Митов представи целите на разработвания документ. Докладчикът по анализа Димитър Манолов отбеляза актуалността на темата за висшето образование у нас, както и направените напоследък нормативни промени в тази област. Той подчерта също така, че качеството на висшето образование от една страна е свързано с качеството на средното образование, а от друга страна то е най-важната образователна степен, която определя бъдещата реализация и качеството на живот на младия човек.

We highly appreciate the resolution "The European Green Deal - Economic, Social and Environmental Challenges and Possible Solutions for Bulgaria" adopted by the Bulgarian ESC as a profound and significant contribution to the development of the European Green Deal, Mauro Petriccione, Director-General for Climate Action of the European Commission, wrote in a letter to the ESC President - Prof. Dulevski.

The resolution of the Bulgarian Economic and Social Council on the topic of the Economic Governance Review, dedicated to the European Commission's Communication on Economic Governance Reform, is a useful contribution to the public debate on this topic, said in a letter to the Director General for Economic and Financial Affairs at the EC Maarten Verwey to the President of the Economic and Social Council Prof. L. Dulevski. The aim of the EC is to open a broad discussion with all stakeholders and to highlight different points of view and ideas for better economic governance, wrote Mr. Verwey.

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is the “bridge” between citizens and the national government. Its mission is to support such “bridging” so as to facilitate the communication between the society and the national government. It is the new and modern institution of the civil dialogue.

The ESC's mission is to promote civil society organisations access to and involvement in the process of decision-making on strategic economic and social issues.

The main goal of ESC's operation is to enable different representatives of organised civil society to feel free to state their views whereas unanimity on matters of common interest is encouraged. The Council expresses and protects civil society interests by communicating agreed statements and proposals submitted by its members to the executive and legislative authorities.

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